• As a dance & Zumba instructor, my body is constantly put under a lot of stress and there is not alot of time to rest. Not only was my immune system feeling low but my muscles were tight and restrictive. My visit to Chai changed all that. I left feeling energised but best of all, my back and leg muscles felt loose and 'free'. Thank you so much Chai. I can't wait to come back for another appointment. - Holly Robson - Bradford

  • Thanks for a wonderful massage the other day. It was a truly memorable and I feel so good as a result. You are a superstar!. See you again very soon. - Anthony

  • I went along to see Chai, far from my best with a cold and a headache because of a very late night before. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep but after my session I could have run the London marathon, and my headache and blocked nose had gone - Richard Williams - Wharfe Valley Times

  • Modern day stresses and strains could be put to rest as an age - old Oriental technique for healthier living has had growing sucess in this town - Norman Master - Hebden Bridge Times

  • Perhaps my nervousness and uncertainty at what was to happen was the reason I tensed up during the first stages, but soon my body relaxed and with the sotthing music in the background and Chais hands and feet and elbows bringing an amazing feeling of warmth to my muscles, I was nearly dozing off - Diane Crabtree - Halifax Evening Courier

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